Customer Support

Voltage solutions make anytime, anywhere business communication easy to use and painless to deploy, so you may never need any additional assistance with our products. However, if you do require help, you will have access to professional systems and solutions engineers to get answers.

Comparison of Support Features

Voltage Security offers two options for support depending on your coverage needs – Standard and Premium.

Feature Standard Premium
Solutions Portal YES YES
Submit, Update & Monitor Online Help Requests YES YES
Knowledge Base YES YES
Email Support YES YES
Phone Support 12×5 24×7
Response Times 4 hours 2 hours
Help Desk Package YES YES

Contact Voltage Customer Support for issues relating to:

Voltage SecureMail and Voltage SecureData:

Voltage SecureMail Mobile Edition:

Public Knowledge Base

If you have questions about our security products, you can access our public knowledgebase and perform keyword searches related to your inquiry.

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Enterprise Download Portal

Customers with enterprise software licenses, can download software from the portal.

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