Why Voltage Security

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The business of data is changing, because the business itself is changing. The growth in the amount and type of information, and how it is used, demands a new data protection paradigm that supports how companies are leveraging the benefits of Big Data, cloud, and mobile. The alignment of these three market dynamics requires that every organization comprehensively protect all data types, in order to enable the trusted use and movement of data across and throughout the cloud, Big Data initiatives, and mobile environments.

Voltage Security delivers a secure, scalable and proven data protection solution that seamlessly protects all the key data that is critically linked to every facet of the business. Leveraging breakthrough encryption, tokenization and key management technologies, our powerful data protection solutions allow any company to seamlessly secure all types of sensitive data.

Whether protecting data as it collected and used within a data analytics process, as it moves through the cloud, or as it is accessed and used on a mobile device or within an enterprise datacenter, our solutions deliver the required level of protection to keep data secure and mitigate the risk of a data loss.

The new data protection paradigm requires data to truly be protected and be rendered useless against any security threat or vulnerability. Only when this happens can data be securely used and moved, without introducing new risks or compliance violations. This is when the value of data can be realized for maximum return on information. Only Voltage delivers on this value. Only Voltage protects data as it is used within Big Data, throughout the cloud, and across mobile devices. Protect your data, everywhere. This is the new paradigm.

diagramVoltage solutions address a wide range of business requirements, from reducing data leakage to preventing identity theft to enabling developer access to production data.

Data security is a critical component of business management. Avoiding costly data breaches, eliminating data security barriers to the cloud, controlling rising audit costs, and streamlining communications with customers and business partners can be achieved with the right data security approach. Voltage data protection solutions allow organizations to achieve strong data security without extensive deployment or management complexity. Voltage Security provides enterprises of all sizes with a single protection framework to secure corporate and customer data of all formats – structured, unstructured or semi-structured data.
Voltage solutions for database and application encryption, security for mainframe and mid-range, tokenization, data masking for test and analytics, email encryption, file encryption and key management are easily deployed and seamlessly managed in the most demanding IT environments – from the mainframe to the Cloud.

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