Protecting Data Into, and Throughout, the Cloud

The opportunity to move data management, business and analytic processes and existing IT infrastructure into the Cloud can deliver massive efficiency gains and cost savings. However, Cloud adoption is placing increased scrutiny and demand on companies to implement effective data protection over sensitive corporate and financial information.

Moving data into and across Cloud-based IT infrastructures increases the risk of data loss or violations to data privacy and data residency regulations. In order to be protected, the nature of Cloud-based services requires that data protection must be applied to sensitive information at the point of creation, before it moves out of the enterprise or as it is entering the cloud. Data that is not protected at creation, before it moves into the Cloud, is vulnerable to exposure, which increases the risk of data loss and compliance violations, and can cause Cloud initiatives to stall or fail.

The right Cloud data protection strategy requires a data-centric approach, which is extensible and adaptable across multiple applications and systems throughout Cloud environments. Only this approach provides the necessary levels of data protection, and enables the business to capture the efficiencies and cost saving by moving to the Cloud.

Data-centric protection extends privacy controls to sensitive data in two key cloud paradigms:

  1. Software as a Service (SaaS): Voltage data-centric solutions can selectively protect data on the field and subfield level to keep sensitive data out of the cloud while enabling cloud applications to operate. The Voltage/Perspecsys partnership enables many types of data to be transparently protected in popular cloud applications.
  2. Custom Cloud applications (IaaS/PaaS): Voltage key management and encryption services can be used by cloud hosted custom application to control where and how data is exposed within the application architecture.

Voltage Security delivers the comprehensive data protection solution to protect any data before it enters, and as it moves, throughout the Cloud. Only Voltage delivers these key critical capabilities:

  • Comprehensive data protection for all structured and unstructured data
    The solution delivers a single framework that comprehensively protects all enterprise data at the data level, enabling secure movement and use of data within Cloud environments.
  • Rapid and efficient compliance to regulatory, privacy, and data residency requirements
    Ensure that sensitive corporate data is protected, at the moment of creation or capture, before it moves into the Cloud. This enables efficient compliance and maintenance to industry, regulatory and data residency compliance requirements.
  • Increased business responsiveness and control
    Quickly implement an enterprise data protection program to respond to Cloud initiatives and opportunities. The solution delivers the necessary protection for all sensitive data as it moves into and throughout the Cloud, allowing the efficiencies and cost savings of moving to the Cloud to be rapidly realized.

Use cases include:

  • A major global credit card issuer wants to realize the efficiency, reduced cost, and customer support benefits of moving new customer enrollment applications to the Cloud, to allow for customers to quickly and securely respond to new media advertisements. The new enrollments capture sensitive customer data, including name, address, social security number, and check routing number, which requires a data protection strategy to secure the data and comply with regulatory requirements. The solution enables the credit card issuer to deliver new services in a scalable and rapid way, and secure all sensitive customer data across its full lifecycle, from the point of creation, as it passes through the Cloud enrollment application, and as it resides in the Cloud.
  • A large U.S. medical services provider is developing a SaaS application in order to manage sensitive patient data for regional doctor facilities and offices, and must ensure that all sensitive patient data is protected, including medical test results, electronic health records, social security numbers, and billing and payment information. The solution enables the medical services provider to quickly launch a scalable SaaS application, while still complying with industry and regulatory requirements, allowing a comprehensive, secure system for patient management in the Cloud.
  • A global financial services company wishes to provide a SaaS application within their IT Cloud architecture that provides secure self-service and support functionality via the Cloud for all customers and business partners. The solution enables the company to rapidly deploy a secure SaaS application for customer and partner self-service, realize the efficiency gains and cost savings of deploying within the Cloud, and ensuring that all sensitive customer and partner personal and financial data is protected.
  • A global credit card company was able to dramatically reduce IT costs and increase agility by adopting Microsoft Office365 for over 80,000 users by using Voltage solutions to protect emails, files and collaboration data in cloud based Exchange and Sharepoint. By controlling keys via elegant and simple Stateless Key Management, the company not only stays compliance with PCI requirements, but has full control over sensitive data, reducing breach risks while enabling the business.

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