Data-centric Audit and Protection (DCAP)

Protect data at rest, in motion and in use–

in next-gen, high-scale ecosystems

Technology’s role in data protection

the missing link in GDPR transformation

Protect High Value Government Data

Neutralize breaches and insider threat while enabling innovation

Say yes to Hadoop and IoT!

Data-centric security with NiFi

Keeps sensitive Big Data safe
At-rest, in-motion, and in-use

Say Yes to Data Privacy

Enable GDPR Compliance

Through Innovative Encryption and Key Management

Peace of Mind in the Cloud

HPE SecureMail Expands Office 365 Security Capabilities

Protect the New Perimeter

Secure sensitive data in native mobile apps with HPE SecureData Mobile

Prevention is better than risk of data theft

Neutralize threats, share ePHI, enable insight and protect sensitive data

Voltage - Protecting the World’s Most Sensitive Data

Neutralize Breaches;
Protect Payments

Render your data secure with Voltage high-performance point-to-point encryption and tokenization solutions. Quick deployment; proven protection at global enterprises.

De-Identify Data
for Hadoop & More

Data de-identification through Voltage Format-Preserving Encryption that scales while protecting. Secure data for Hadoop, for test/dev and throughout the enterprise.

Protection for All

Easy data-centric security to protect personal information and sensitive health data and email for organizations of all sizes; global to local.

Voltage provides best-in-class data encryption and tokenization for structured and unstructured data and enables cost-effective PCI compliance, scope reduction, and secure analytics. Voltage solutions are used by leading enterprises worldwide, reducing risk and protecting brand while enabling business.

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“Overall we have been very satisfied and pleased. Our implementation time was phenomenal. We were able to synchronize all our applications within a few months. This was particularly beneficial to enable us to self-assess and become PCI compliant.”

Timothy Masey


Enterprise Information Security

AAA – The Auto Club Group

All You Need to Know

Building Blocks of A Sound ePHI Security Program

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PCI Compliance and Scope Reduction

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Streamlining Information Protection with Data-centric Security

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HPE SecureData Payments

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HPE Security – Data Security Secure Commerce Solution

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Protecting Enterprise Data in Hadoop

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HPE SecureData

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