Atalla Hardware Security Module (HSM)

HPE Atalla HSM appliances guard the most sensitive financial data and meets industry security and compliance requirements.

High-performance Cryptography and Key Management

HPE Security – Data Security Atalla hardware security modules have helped customers protect their most sensitive financial data for over 38 years. Customers have recognized us as having the highest ‘Net Promoter Score’ of any HSM appliance provider. This PCI HSM certified, tamper-resistant HSM for cryptography is designed specifically for secure payments applications with the most stringent compliance requirements, including Debit, EMV, Cloud-based payments with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 appliance. It meets critical PCI-DSS, NIST and ANSI standards for security and compliance audits.

Allegiant Travel, VISA and Inmar share how they meet data security and compliance standards with HPE SecureData and HPE Atalla, supporting cost reduction, and increased revenue in Big Data analytics, eCommerce and Payments use cases.

Atalla Hardware Security Module (HSM) AT1000

Atalla Hardware Security Module (HSM) is a payments security module for protecting sensitive data and associated keys for non-cash retail payment transactions, cardholder authentication, and cryptographic keys.

Many attacks today exploit vulnerabilities in the encryption key management infrastructure. If the infrastructure is weak, an advanced attack such as key impersonation can undermine the protection of payment transaction data. By securing encryption keys in a hardware security module, sensitive card transactions are protected. Malicious users can’t access the encryption keys they need to access the data.

Key Features:

  • Atalla Key Block for AES and TDEA or 3DES key management
  • Tamper-resistant security module (TSRM) for PCI PIN compliant remote key loading
  • In-field scalable performance
  • Highly scalable with more than 10,000 TPS in a single device
  • Backwards compatible with the previous generation Atalla HSMs
  • Easy to integration into your existing infrastructure (managed as an IT Security device)
  • Optional customization

Atalla Hardware Security Module (HSM) Ax160

Protect your organization and customers from financial fraud. Get an overview of Atalla HSM, which provides unrivaled protection for triple data encryption standard and other cryptographic keys when safeguarding value-based transactions.

Key Features

  • 1060 PIN translates per second
  • Industry leading advanced key management solution
  • FIPS 140-2 level 3 certified
  • Tamper-resistant, tamper-responsive hardware perimeter
Microfocus Voltage Atalla Hardware Security Module

Integrated solution provides data-centric security

The integrated Voltage SecureData and Atalla HSM solution provides data-centric security to address the challenges of end-to-end data protection, and ensures the security of a hardware security module by safeguarding system-level encryption keys.

HPE Security – Data Security highlights payment solutions HPE Atalla HSM and HPE SecureData during the HPE Discover 2016 customer event in Las Vegas. Security solutions protect payment transactions end-to-end.

HPE Atalla HSM Enhanced Software Option

The Atalla Ax160 HSM enhanced offering is loaded with features that enhance the Atalla Ax160, enabling organizations to reap expanded payment transaction protection. The Atalla Ax160 HSM enhanced version complements the Atalla Ax160 by providing key functionality for ATM/EFT/POS payment processing environments. The Atalla HSM Enhanced offering is available for the Ax160 family providing:

  • PCI-HSM certified
  • Compliance with PCI PIN v3.0 requirements for ATM/POS remote key loading using Public Key (ANSI X9 TR-34)
  • Compliance with new key block format for ATM remote key loading using symmetric key (ANSI X9 TR-31 format A/B/C)
  • Generate/verify CMAC using 3DES
  • DUKPT IPEK POS Support
  • Expanded mPOS Terminal Support
  • UPI Payment and PIN Change Transactions
  • Generate/Receive/Verify APACS 40 messages

This software offering utilizes HPE Atalla smart cards (sold separately) which support stronger key sizes to secure the communications channel established between the Atalla HSM and the Secure Configuration Assistant-3.

HPE Atalla Secure Configuration Assistant-3

The HPE Secure Configuration Assistant-3 (SCA-3) is a versatile tablet-based tool that enables security administrators to easily configure commands, define parameters, calculate cryptograms, and inject cryptographic keys into HPE Atalla HSMs in a trusted manner.

Key Features

  • A security-enhanced tablet
  • Intuitive GUI interface
  • Atalla Secure Key Pad for key entry
  • Logical security features include digital code signing


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