Innovation in publishing

It looks like the fine people at have come up with a truly innovative idea for a book: the Lose Your Own Adventure series. It's loosely based on the Choose Your Own Adventure books, a series of 185 paperbacks that were originally published by Bantam Books from 1979 to 1998 in which you decided the outcome of the story by choosing the protgonists actions at critical decision points.

The twist on this is apparently that you never end up solving the puzzle no matter what you do. The first book in this series, Who Killed John F. Kennedy? involves investigating Kennedy's assassination, for example, and no matter what you do, you end up not learning who actually killed Kennedy.

I'm not sure what they'll do for the second book in this series, but I'm certainly looking forward to seeing it.

  • Dan North

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!! i loved those books as a kid!
    when i was at the despair site- a pop-up window came up and showed the cover for Book 2. did you see it? it’s hilarious- it’s called “The Glass Ceiling”. can’t wait!


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