Gaffney v. TRICARE: legal wrangling begins over the SAIC/TRICARE data breach

It looks like a Maryland law firm has already filed a class-action suit (Virginia E. Gaffney , J.G. , E.G.  and Adrienne Taylor v. TRICARE Management Activity, United States Department of Defense and Leon E. Panetta, or Gaffney v. TRICARE for short) that tries to recover damages of $1,000 per person affected by the recent data breach that exposed the personal information of roughly 4.9 million TRICARE members. That's a total of $4.9 billion in damages, of which the lawyers will no doubt try to keep a significant fraction.

But courts have been very reluctant to award anything to victims of data breaches who can't show that actual financial damages resulted from a breach. Just saying that your risk of damage has increased usually isn't enough. So unless some judge somehow discovers a new interpretation of the law that applies to this particular breach, I expect to see this suit eventually dismissed.

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