HuffPost Live: Matthew Keys Hacker Case Leads to Calls for Better Law

huffpost-live-matthew-keys-hacker-case-leads-to-calls-for-better-lawHuffPost Today: Hacker Case Leads to Calls for Better Law

Mark Bower, Vice President of Products at Voltage Security, Inc., comments with a security industry perspective.

The conversation is largely around anti-hacking legislation and Mark points out that these laws don’t seem to be deterring cyber criminals. Protecting sensitive data is a proactive and direct offensive that prevents hackers from compromising that information. Other panelists include Jay Liederman, attorney for Matthew Keys, who has taken on the case pro bono, and Rep. Jared Polis, Colorado talking about the U.S. government’s role and legislation, specifically The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, and Hanni Fakhoury, attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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