The likely outcome of Cristina Wong v. Dropbox

Not too long ago, start-up Dropbox had a security bug that let people access the data of other users. The bug went unpatched for about four hours. According to Dropbox, during that time the data of fewer than 100 users was accessed and only a single person exploited the bug. But that didn't stop Cristine Wong from filing a class-action suit (PDF) against Dropbox. In this suit Wong claims that

As a result of the Defendant's breach of its warranties, Plaintiff and the Class have been damaged in the amount of the purchase price of Defendant's services they purchased.

That seems like an overly-broad definition of damages to me, and one that might not stand up to much scrutiny. If this suit makes it to trial, I wouldn't be surprised if any damages are limited to the 100 or fewer people whose data was actually accessed before Dropbox's bug was patched. And that might actually disqualify this from being a class-action suit.

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