Top Gear Data Protection

Foil Identity Theft With Cryptography

My favourite British commentator, journalist and presenter of “Top Gear” the fantastic BBC car show – Jeremy Clarkson- just had his identity hacked and his bank account breached. Unlike many victims of identity theft, he had recently published his bank account details in his column at the Sun newspaper. Why you ask ? Well he was simply fed up with the furor around the loss of 7.25 million records of British citizens lost by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs agency in November. His thesis being that all those identities were not at all at risk and that bank security details are perfectly secure. This weekend he revealed in his Sunday Times column, that yes, his bank account had been tampered with and 500 GBP had been debited from his account and sent to the account of a British charity. Now he’s advocating stringent measures to deal with people that commit identity fraud.

Here at Voltage we’re about to introduce a new cryptographic approach, known as Format-Preserving Encryption, that will help foil identity theft in its entirety. Read about the solution that protects credit card numbers, bank account numbers and other structured personal data inside the vast databases and applications used by financial services companies around the world, here.

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