30 Years of Public Key Cryptography – Past, Present, Future

October 26, 2006 – Voltage Security, in conjunction with the Computer History Museum and RSA hosted an event to honor the inventions, inventors, historical milestones and the future of Public Key Cryptography (PKC). The event was MC’d by John Markoff, author and senior writer at the New York Times and the panel was moderated by Steven Levy, author and senior editor of Newsweek.

Watch or listen to the entire panel discussion at www.voltage.com/PKC.


Ray Ozzie
Microsoft Corp’s Chief Software Architect
Martin Hellman
PhD, Cryptographer, Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
Dan Boneh
PhD, Cryptographer, and Professor of Computer Science, Stanford University and co-founder of Voltage Security
Brian Snow
NSA Technical Director, Information Assuurance Directorate (Retired)
Whitfield Diffie
PhD, Cryptographer, Chief Security Officer, Sun Microsystems
Jim Bizdos
Former CEO of RSA and Founder of VeriSign

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