A new book on Identity-Based Encryption (IBE)

Introduction to Identity-Based Encryption (Information Security and Privacy Series)

It’s finally here – well it really came out in January – the definitive textbook on Identity-Based Encryption. If you are looking to understand the mathematical basis of IBE or are looking to implement an IBE system, or are merely curious about why there is so much attention being paid to pairing-based crypto, this will make an interesting read. It is however most certainly not “IBE for Dummies” – there are plenty of articles in the popular press that will give you that kind of overview, such as “What the heck is IBE?“. This is a serious work that provides a wealth of practical techniques, algorithms and numerous worked examples that enable you to create a secure IBE system.

Who is the author – our very own Luther Martin. Currently a security architect at Voltage Security, Palo Alto, CA. He has published numerous journal articles on the topics of information security and risk management, is the technical editor of the IEEE P1363.3 standard for identity-based encryption and the principal author of the IETF standards that define identity-based encryption algorithms and their use in encrypting e-mail. Mr. Martin holds an M.S. in mathematics from the University of Cincinnati and an M.S. in electrical engineering from Johns Hopkins University.

Click here to browse a copy on Amazon.com: Introduction to Identity-Based Encryption (Information Security and Privacy Series)


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