Another Jack Bauer Day

We recently had another one of Voltage's Jack Bauer Days. These are days when everyone in engineering gets to work on whatever they want to for 24 hours. I always seem to miss these. I actually missed this one too, so I decided to do whatever I wanted to do from airplane seats and airports.

My first thought was to try to understand abelian varieties, but then I realized that I had a few hours hours instead of a few months, so I decided to try something a bit easier: implementing the Tate pairing and the ate pairing in Lisp. This turned out to actually be fairly easy.  

The ate pairing is useful in many applications of pairing-based cryptography because it can be much faster than the Tate pairing. That's why we're moving to in all of our shipping products. But my Jack Bauer Day implementation didn't seem to have that particular advantage. And now there seems to be a shortage of parentheses at Voltage. Maybe we'll get some more in our next weekly office supply shipment. 

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