IBE at CMU-West

Yuecel Karabulut invited me to give a talk on IBE and Key Management to the MSIT-Information Security class at CMU West last Friday.  It was fun to get to talk about key management in an academic context, and with a class of bright, informed students.  Kudos to CMU (full disclosure, I'm a CMU alumni) for offering an degree program that spans the entire gamut of security from a management perspective.  Two of the students in the class are building an IBE/attribute-based encryption system to secure a message based web service.  It sounds like an interesting use of IBE, and I should have more to report on later, as I'm meeting with the student team tomorrow.

As a side note, the CMU West campus is on Moffet Field, which also houses some NASA and military facilities.  When entering the field, a guard asks you to produce a driver's license, which is quickly glanced at, then you are cleared to enter.  This seems like a prime example of a bad access control system connected to a weak authentication system.  I guess this might make sense as a mechanism that can be dialed up in strength fairly quickly, but I'm not sure what it's accomplishing at the moment.  There are parking facilities in downtown SF that have the same system (one additionally searches your trunk) of glancing with intensity at a driver's license.  Baffling.

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