Identity-based Encryption is Secure – Quantum Random Oracle Model

There's an interesting paper up on the IACR's eprint preprint server. This paper is "Identity-based Encryption is Secure in the Quantum Random Oracle Model" by Mark Zhandry. Here's the abstract of this paper:

We give the first proof of security for an identity-based encryption scheme in the quantum random oracle model. This is the first unconditional proof of security for any scheme in this model. Our techniques are quite general and we use them to obtain (unconditional) security proofs for two random oracle hierarchical identity-based encryption schemes and a random oracle signature scheme, all of which have previously resisted (even conditional) quantum security proofs. We also explain how to make prior quantum random oracle security proofs unconditional. We accomplish these results by developing new tools for arguing that quantum algorithms cannot distinguish between two oracle distributions. Using a particular class of oracle distributions, so called semi-constant distributions, we argue that the aforementioned cryptosystems are secure against quantum adversaries.

If you're interested in identity-based encryption or quantum computing, it's probably worth taking a few mintues to see what this paper has to say.

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