Wolfram Alpha on the Tate pairing

It looks like Wolfram Alpha doesn't think about the Tate pairing the same way that I do. To me, the Tate pairing is a bilinear mapping on elliptic curves (as well as hyperelliptic curves, etc.) that's useful for creating all sorts of things, one of the more useful probably being pairing-based cryptography, of which the identity-based encryption technology that Voltage uses is an example.

To Wolfram Alpha, however, the query "Tate pairing" actually returns information about the ethnicity of people whose name is "Tate Link." It tells you things like that according to the 2000 US census only 0.008 percent of people have the last name "Link," and that only 0.54 percent of them are of Asian ethnicity. That's not quite what I expected to get for the Tate pairing. If I Google the term I get the version of the Tate pairing that I'm interested in. I found it a bit surprising that what Wolfam Alpha returned wasn't even close to this.

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