2014: Year of Encryption

With each new year come new changes, some big, some small. One big prediction in the technology sector for 2014 is that this will be the “Year of Encryption,” as declared recently by BBC Business News. Read original article here.

As proclaimed by many as 2013 drew to a close, encryption will be everywhere in 2014. With the growing amount of data accumulation, storage, regulation and emerging technology, protecting data, where-ever it might be, is paramount now more than it has ever been before. This is nothing new to Voltage Security, which uses leading technology to protect sensitive information while at rest or in transit.

With the recent unfortunate data breaches that have frequented the start of 2014, Voltage believes companies will look to protect sensitive data even more aggressively, driven by the continued threat of malicious hackers. As well, the nature of how organizations encrypt data will change, heightened awareness and strength, along with breakthrough technology will likely be the answer as the year goes on.

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