Are we in a post-PC world?

There's an interesting debate going on on The Economist's web site. The actual resolution being debated is, "The house believes that we are now in a post-PC world." Most people don't sound convinced: the No votes currently outnumber the Yes votes by a considerable margin. In this particular case, I definitely agree with the majority.

I've used BlackBerrys, Kindles, iPads and other mobile computing platforms from time to time, but I always return to a desktop PC or laptop for serious work. The mobile platforms are great for entertainment and finding random bits of information like how to find a good barbeque restaurant near your hotel, but for serious work they've never been good enough and I don't forsee that changing any time soon. And from the voting on The Economist's web site, it looks like most people have had similar experiences.

I don't doubt that the PC will continue to evolve, but I also believe that whatever it evolves into will still look a lot like the PCs that we have today.

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