Quoth the vendors, “Nevermore.”

In 1846 Edgar Allen Poe wrote "The Philosophy of Composition," an essay that describes how he came to write The Raven. What Poe describes in this essay probably isn’t really how this really happened, but it’s definitely how he wanted people to think that it did.

I was reminded of this today at the RSA Conference when I saw the marketing messages that vendors were trying to get across. These messages often made claims about technologies, the threat landscape or the information security market that weren’t really true. In some cases they weren’t even close.

But they were what the marketing people of the security vendors wanted us to think is true.

And just like it’s interesting to read Poe’s essay from the point of view that he’s telling us what he wants us to believe, it was interesting to hear the marketing messages and interpret them as being what the vendors wanted to be true. That made many of the vendor pitches much more interesting than they would have been otherwise.

There was one clear difference between Poe and the vendors at this year’s RSA Conference, however: none of the vendors that I saw used trochaic octameter in any of their marketing materials.

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