The best marketing ploy ever

As you can read about here, Boeing recently came up with an absolutely brilliant marketing gimmick for their new 787 aircraft in which the flight path of a test aircraft spelled out "787" and traced the Boeing logo.

With the RSA Conference starting in just a few days, it looks like the marketing people from security vendors will have to work even harder to make their marketing gimmicks look interesting. I seriously doubt that they'll be able to top Boeing's. 

(On an almost totally unrelated topic, I should mention how the convoluted web of who knows who in Silicon Vallley recently touched on Boeing. My father was one of the engineers who worked on Boeing's 2707, the Supersonic Transport, or "SST" back in the 60s and ended up getting laid off when the project was cancelled. Many years later, it turned out that the father of one of the Scouts in my sons' Boy Scout troop actualy did the internal study at Boeing that recommended that the SST project be cancelled.) 

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