Voltage Security and Protegrity Settle Litigation

Today Voltage Security announced that Voltage and Protegrity have reached a complete and full settlement of the ongoing litigation between the two companies.

“We are pleased to have this matter behind us,” said Sathvik Krishnamurthy, CEO of Voltage Security. “Settlement was a straightforward business decision that allows us to continue moving forward with operating and growing our business without further meritless distraction on this topic.”

Krishnamurthy went on to say, “Independent of the settlement, Voltage remains committed to innovation in cryptography and in the proactive management of its IP portfolio and licensing program. We are proud and committed to be working with industry standards bodies, for instance the current work we are doing with NIST around standardizing Format-Preserving Encryption via the FFX specification.  We firmly believe that vendors who lay claims to innovation in cryptography must openly publish their algorithms and techniques, show wide academic peer-review that demonstrates provable security, and adopt fair and open IP licensing policies in order to gain the trust of customers, and the broader market.  We have been committed to this approach from the beginning and will continue to distinguish ourselves in this manner in the future.”


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