Wednesday at the RSA Conference

If the number or size of the parties put on by vendors at this year's RSA Conference is any indication, the information security industry has fully recovered from any affects of the recent recession. Luckily, I recently saw an episode of Mythbusters that made surviving these parties much easier than it was in previous years.

The Mythbusters episode that I saw compared the hangover caused by drinking from beer to the hangover caused by drinking liquor. Somewhat surprisingly, they found that beer causes a much worse hangovers.

Armed with this research, I developed a strategy to deal with the numerous parties at this year's RSA Conference: stick to martinis and drink no beer. Drinking martinis also helps in another way. Martinis taste terrible so you're much less likely to drink too many of them. After a single sip from a martini, you're usually more than happy to wait a long time before taking another sip. Beer, on the other hand, doesn't have this built-in rate-limiting feature, so you're more likely to drink too much of it.

This strategy worked perfectly. By sticking to martinis I was easily able to keep my blood alcohol content well within the limits allowed for driving, and the next morning I felt no obvious effects from the parties at the RSA Conference the previous night.  

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