What’s coming from IDTrust 2010

It looks like the agenda for the IDTrust 2010 workshop is now available. This workshop will be held from April 13-15 at NIST, in Gaithersburg, MD. The talks at this workshop are an odd mix this year. I have no idea what some people were thinking when they submitted the proposals for their talks. The group from Dartmouth that will be talking about "Computational Techniques for Increasing PKI Policy Comprehension by Human Analysts" is an example of this.

Trying to find ways to make PKI policies more human-friendly doesn't really seem to be that useful. Let's just admit the fact that PKI failed and move on. Even this workshop had to change its name from the "PKI R&D Workshop" to "IDTrust" to keep people interested. That alone ought to tell you something.

Other talks could be much more interesting. An example of this is the panel on identity proofing. Although I really have no interest in this particular topic, lots of bankers that I've talked to do, and those sorts of people will probably be very interested to hear this particular panel.

The rest of the program seems to be an odd collection of topics related to either PKI or government identity-management programs. There's definitely going to be some useful information available at this meeting, but I'm not sure that it will be worth the $180 registration fee to hear it.

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