Every day can be Voltage Day

I just learned that Despair.com, the people who are probably best known for their parodies of corporate motivational posters, sells calendars that you can customize. In addition to picking which demotivational poster appears for each month, you can also customize each day with up to 120 characters so that you'll never miss important events like National S'mores Day or Hug Your Cat Day. A better use might be to label every day as Send an Encrypted Email Using VoltageSecureMail Day. At only 68 character (counting spaces), that's well within the allowed limit for a customization string.

(When I ordered my custom calendar, I didn't actually have every day as Send an Encrypted Email Using Voltage SecureMail Day – I had April 1 marked as Send an Encrypted Email Using XXX Day, where XXX is actually the name of one of our competitors.)

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