I’m famous!

I recently received another one of those annoying emails that tell you that you're so famous that some publisher would like to include you in a book that lists other famous people and their accomplishments.

Here's what these guys said:

It is my honor to inform you that as of January 22, 2010 you are being considered for inclusion in our forethcoming [sic] edition of the 2010 directory representing the WHO'S WHO of Worldclass [sic] Professionals.

Our alliance is recognized by talented individuals who hold knowledge and experience in a particular industry, demonstrate a commitment to excellence, and seek career advancement or enhancement.

On behalf of the CEO and our esteemed staff, we wish you continued success.

I'm not sure how these emails manage to get past our spam filter, but they do it fairly often. I must get one of these at least once per week. I get them so often that I'm now convinced that the only criterion for getting listed in one of these books is having a valid email address. I'm not sure that counts as holding knowledge and experience in a particular industry. It's hard to see how that demonstrates commitment to excellence or seeking career advancement or enhancement, either.

I have to wonder if other talented individuals like sales@voltage.com and marketing@voltage.com are already listed in one of these fine publications.

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