The best example of chutzpah ever

Some things take lots of audacity. I've talked to brokers who tell me that their job requires this because they spend lots of time calling people, some of which they've never met before, and telling them that they should really invest lots of money in the broker's latest hot tip.

Writing a S/MIME plugin for Gmail seems to require the same level of boldness. Or if the actual coding doesn't quite require it, asking people to pay $20 for such a plugin certainly does. And that's exactly what the developer of this S/MIME plugin for Gmail is asking. So if anyone asks me for a good example of chutzpah, that's what I'm going to point them to.

Why do I think that this is notable?

First, you get the capability to use S/MIME with Outlook or Outlook Express at absolutely no additional charge. And you can easily use Gmail with either of those. With other free email clients also.

Next, the number of people who use S/MIME is fairly limited. It requires that users have a digital certificate, and those really haven't proven to be very useful outside of identifying servers using SSL/TLS, have they?

So the S/MIME plugin to Gmail seems to be competing with free products and to require something that's too cumbersome for most users to actually use. That leads me to believe that it's probably not worth $20. Not even close, actually. That's why I think that asking for a $20 donation for using it seems to be extremely bold. But then people can always choose to not donate, can't they?

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