Change the Playing Field against Ransomware

What would you do if you lost access to all of your work laptop or mobile files—right now? Are you prepared to deal with today’s latest threats which intend to hold your PC hostage?

ransomwaresqThis newest threat, ransomware is the act of kidnapping your most valuable asset – your data. Victims are lured into downloading malicious code, files are blocked, and users are directed to pay a “ransom” to restore their data. How does an IT team keep up with this evolving menace?

While most security companies focus on data scanning approaches to detect new ransomware, they will continue to struggle to keep up with new variants. Yet there is an alternative solution today that relies on enterprise backup and recovery solutions to maintain clean copies of data. This way no matter how ransomware avoids detection and infects an enterprise, you’re covered.

HPE has a long, successful history of offering reliable enterprise backup and recovery solutions. The newest, HPE Connected MX, enables enterprise backup and recovery with the ease-of-use. Similar to the encryption used by ransomware to block access to your data, Connected MX instead uses encryption to protect clean copies of the data before backup—and before ransomware has a chance to get to it. Moreover, when combined with HPE’s Enterprise Secure Key Manager (ESKM), all the data backup encryption keys are kept in a high-assurance security appliance to restrict access to encrypted data that is guarded according to enterprise policy.

Rather than encryption used as a weapon, ESKM and Connected MX can use encryption to maintain the integrity of valuable IP that supports business continuity.

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