Planning for our next Jack Bauer Day

A few times per year, Voltage has Jack Bauer Days, where the people in engineering can do whatever they want to for 24 hours. Although taking the day off to stay home and watch episodes of 24 on Netflix is certainly allowed, most people stay up all night working on some sort of programming project that they've always wanted to try. While using the sucks/rocks web site to compare HTTPS and S-HTTP, I also used the site to compare the popularity of common programming languages. Here's what I got:


Based on this, I think that I'll try using LISP to implement the Tate pairing for our next Jack Bauer Day. (That's if I manage to be around for it. I've actually missed every one of them so far because I've been out of town at some standards meeting. Maybe I'll have better luck this time.)

Just in case anyone asks why I'm implementing the Tate pairing in LISP, I have a response prepared that justifies it as an important project. After all, my justification goes, there are still people out there who use EMACS. They'd probaby love to have a way to implement identity-based encryption in that environment, but the lack of an implementation of the Tate pairing in LISP is probably the biggest single obstacle to letting them do this. So if I do the hard part for them, they might become big users of identity-based encryption. Or at least that's the best reason that I've come up with so far.

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