Why you need math

There are lots of good reasons to pay attention in your math classes in college. One of them is that pretty much anything to do with public-key cryptography requires you to understand more math than the average person does. Understanding some math might also come in handy if you end up writing software that routes the packages that the Post Office delivers. If you don't have a basic understanding of the material that's covered in your math classes you might end up having packages sent through Massachusetts on their way from a place in California to another place in California. Like happened to this one.


I'd like to say that this is the first time that something like this has happened, but it's not. I've had packages sent to me from another place in California come by way of Minnesota, New Jersey, and other states that are fairly far away. Maybe someone dropped a minus sign so that the longest possible routes are used instead of the shortest ones – a mistake that they might not have made if they'd paid attention in their math classes.

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