One way in which working for an encryption company is different

Working for a vendor of encryption technology is a bit different than working for many other technology companies. I was recently reminded of this when I heard some of the engineers at Voltage describing how their current job is different from ones that they've had in the past.

Our engineers seem to be well above average in many ways, and this often made them the "go to" person for math questions in their previous jobs. At Voltage, however, because we deal with public key cryptography a lot, we have lots of people who understand this technology, and that means that they also understand way more math than your typical engineer does. This means that some of the people who previously found themselves as the "go to" person for math questions now find that they don't get those sort of questions at all. One of the people who work on our core cryptography tends to fill that role instead.

I was a bit surprised to hear that, probably because I've worked around people who deal with numbers for most of my life so that I often (incorrectly) assume that the rest of the world is also that way.

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