A relic of the dot-com era

Because Voltage recently moved, we all had to pack up the random stuff that's accumulated on our desks so that it could be moved to our new offices. Some of this stuff I hadn't seen in years, like my dot-com era Palm Pilot, which was cutting-edge technology at the time. I don't recall much about using this particular device for anything other than trying to generate a few 1,024-bit RSA keys (it didn't work very well at all), but I do remember thinking that the device seem to bring out the worst in some people.

In particular, I remember people walking around the RSA Conference with their Palm Pilots and wanting to beam you their contact information instead of just giving you a business card. If you didn't have a Palm Pilot that they could beam their information to, they'd shake their heads in disgust and walk away.

I remember thinking to myself that these people were jerks. I didn't actually think that, of course, but that's the version that I can say here.

In any event, here's what my dot-com-era Palm Pilot looks like, complete with its third-party clear case.



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