An idea for future blog posts

I just realized that today is day that P. G. Wodehouse, arguably the best writer of humor that the Earth has seen in its several billion years of existence, died in 1975. As a member of The Wodehouse Society, it's probably appropriate that I use Wodehouse's ideas whenever I can, and I seem to recall one that may be particularly appropriate for blogging.

I don't recall exactly which book this was in, but in one of his novels Wodehouse noted how he cleverly had outmaneuvered his critics. They were apparently claiming that many of his books featured essentially the same plot as his previous books, just with different characters in them. To deal with this criticism, Wodehouse decided to blatantly reuse a plot, and to do it with exactly the same characters that he had previously used

So if doing that sort of thing is good enough for an author the stature of Wodehouse, I might be able to use the same idea and recycle old blog posts, posting the exact same text that I had used previously. If I really felt ambitious, I could even correct any spelling and grammar errors that might have crept into the original posts.

And, as someone pointed out to me today, the news stories that we've seen over the past couple of years that talk in glowing terms about some new academic work that has "broken" AES seem to indicate that people really don't get tired of reading the same thing over and over again.

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