It’s not just encryption that’s dangerous

Encryption is like a very sharp knife – it's a very useful tool in many cases, but can also hurt yourself with it if you're not careful. It turns out that newspapers may have the same limitation. That's what, "Acute Conjunctival Inflammation Following Contact with Squashed Spider Contents," an article in the medical journal Ophthalmology led me to believe. Here's what this article described:

A 46-year-old man presented with a painful and inflamed eye after contents of a spider got into his right eye when he squashed the spider with a newspaper. He suffered immediate severe pain in the eye, which rapidly became red and swollen. He had conjunctival edema and periorbital swelling of the eye and severe photophobia, but his vision was normal.

So someone killed a spider with a newspaper and managed to get pieces of the dead spider in his eye. If he had only had proper training on how to use a newspaper in that way, maybe the ugly situation could have been avoided.

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