More thoughts on psychology research

Yesterday I described how some college students go out of their way to get psychology research to produce puzzling results. This sort of behavior probably isn't limited to just college students. I also remember seeing similar behavior when I was in the Army.

The US Army used to have a facility at Ft. McClellan, the Chemical Decontamination Training Facility, where you could train with live chemical agents. I knew some of the people who were in the first few groups to use the CDTF, and they told me how they went out of their way to affect one of the studies done of it.

It seems that there was some sort of study done on the first few groups through the CDTF to see how stressful people found training with live nerve agents. As part of this study, some people had to wear some sort of device on their wrist that monitored their vital signs for a few days after they went through the training. The people that I knew went through the CDTF on a Friday and spent the following Saturday and Sunday riding roller coasters, hoping that the roller coaster rides would provide some interesting data for the monitoring devices that they had to wear.

So there's probably some study out there that claims that training with live nerve agents can cause more stress than either Airborne School or Ranger School, and this claim is probably based on data that was meant to give this bizarre result.

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