Obsolete certifications

I was discussing industry certifications with a former coworker yesterday when the topic of obsolete certifications came up. This was one area in which I was clearly superior by virtue of having at least four certifications that nobody gets anymore and even fewer people care about. These are:

Certified Internet Security Engineer, a pre-dot-com era certification offered by NetGuru Technologies, a company that hasn't been around for many years.

GTE CyberTrust Certified Engineer, a certification on one of the first PKI products to become a casualty of the dot-com crash, although they did manage to win one of the first high-profile national PKI deals – the Hongkong Post PKI.

VeriSign Certified Engineer, a certification on the venerable OnSite PKI.

Entrust Certified Consultant, as it sounds, a certification on the Entrust PKI.

I only got the first of these because my pre-dot-com era employer put me through the training to get it. And I only got the other three because my dot-com-era employer organized the classes for them. But for a while there, maybe 1999 to 2001 or so, I could certainly make it look (at least on paper) like I was an expert on PKI. I actually learned a lot about TCP/IP in the CISE class. The PKI product classes weren't as useful.

I actually had classes on the Xcert and Baltimore PKI products too, but I can't find anything about certifications on them in the box in my closet where I keep this stuff. That's too bad. Having certifications on FIVE obsolete PKI products would be even more impressive that just having THREE of them, wouldn't it?

So here's the challenge: can anyone top that list of obsolete and useless certifications?

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