Random thoughts on writing

The first time that you get something published, it’s great. You walk around thinking to yourself I’m a published author now. That’s incredibly cool. That feeling definitely makes it worth the time and effort that it takes. The next time, however, the coolness drops to roughly 70 percent of the first time, and this trend seems to continue for quite a while, so that each time you get something published is about 70 percent as cool as the previous time. 

Here’s a graph of what 0.7x looks like:

So after the 15th time or so that you get something published, essentially all of the coolness is gone – you’re down to less that one-half of one percent of the original level of coolness. At that point it’s just work.

So I’d guess the bottom line is that everyone should take the time and effort to get something published at least once, but don’t be surprised if your perspective on it changes after you’ve been doing it for a while. If this model's accurate, you might actually get tired of it fairly quickly.

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