Returning to our regularly-scheduled programming

As many people have noticed, I haven't actually posted anything in a while. Here's roughly why.

Last year at one of meetings of my sons' Boy Scout troop, while shaking hands to say hello to the other fathers who were there, I noticed that the men who had white-collar jobs had extremely weak grips compared to the men who had blue-collar jobs. Being one of the relative weaklings, I decided to see what I could do to get a stronger grip and eventually came across Ironmind's Captains of Crush grippers. The strongest of these, the Number 4, is so hard to close that only a few people have ever done it, and they're the sort of people who win the World's Strongest Man competition. 

I decided on a more modest goal: working up to closing the Captains of Crush Number 1 gripper. After a month or two of training on hand grippers things were going quite well. I couldn't crush a potato in my hand yet. You need the strength needed to close the Number 4 for that. But I was getting noticeably stronger.

But then the ligaments in my hand decided that they had had enough and to let me know that they felt this way they caused extreme pain in my hands if I made common motions with them. Including typing.

Having participated in all sorts of sports as a kid (and being stunningly mediocre in all of them) I've had lots of sports-related injuries over the years, but I was still quite surprised by the reaction of my hands' ligaments, and it ended up being much more painful and taking much longer to recover from than I would have expected. 

But now that the hands are back in reasonable condition, I'll be able to start blogging again. I even have lots of hand-written notes of things that I need to blog about, so we'll be able to return the regular blogging schedule soon. Next Monday at the latest. 

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