The chances of having your credit card skimmed

I just returned from a trip to southern California which was notable for two things. First, I learned to be more careful about saving a few dollars on a hotel. Sure I saved about $50 per day, but I also had to feel the hotel shake as the nearby trains drove past. And sounded their horns right outside my room, apparently to make sure that I really know they were there.

I also had one of my credit cards compromised.

I only used this card at four places on this trip: the hotel and three nearby restaurants, which is actually more often than I usually use it. I'm usually worried about the number of calories in restaurant meals when I travel, but it might be the case that there are also other things to worry about.

The fine people at Bank of America caught the fraudulent transaction that was attempted and closed the compromised account. Their fraud detection system is apparently fairly good.  But it was definitely annoying to have the card compromised after just four uses.

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