The most useless rankings possible

I was recently talking to someone who had a complaint about my use of the sucks/rocks meter to measure the relative popularity of various things related to information security. He essentially said, "Can't you find less relevant things to look at?"

This seemed like a odd request. But the person who made it works for a company that's a big customer of Voltage's, so here's my attempt at this.

What could be less relevant than the relative popularity of Myers-Briggs personality types?

Note that the type that people in the information security industry tend to have (INTJ) is the most popular of the introverted types and the third most popular type overall.

Blog - sucks-rocks 1 

What about the relative popularity of letters of the alphabet?

Why is the letter "I" so unpopular? Could it be that some people just don't feel comfortable with square roots of negative numbers?

Blog - sucks-rocks 2 

And what about the relative popularity of the magic words from the classic interactive fiction game Adventure?

Why do people dislike the word "plugh" so much? If you're trying to get from inside the small brick building to Y2, that's the easiest way to do it. 

Blog - adventure 

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