Visualizing text

It turns out that you can create interesting visualizations of more than numerical data. Here's an example of a "word cloud" that you can get when you put one of my old blog posts into IBM's Many Eyes data visualization tool. You can also get another visualization of this here. That one uses Wordle, which Many Eye's visualizations of text seem to be based on.

I'm not sure that that's as useful as the bubble chart of 2010 data breaches, but it does seem to convey some useful information. And I'd also say that seeing a picture like this probably gives you a fairly good idea whether or not you'd be interested in reading the full post, for example.


And here's what Many Eyes gets from a paper that I once wrote. You can probably tell from this picture that the topic was something to do with both economics and information security. A picture lilke that would actually be a useful replacement for the abstract of a paper, wouldn't it?


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