Switching Mobile Devices


Last June, along with many BlackBerry addicts I rushed out and bought the brand new BlackBerry Curve. This was a beautiful smartphone – memory slot, video and music playback, push email and a nice camera with flash and GPS – plus it did email too. About 28 days later I went out and bought the new Apple iPhone and with one swipe of my credit card turned my back on the BlackBerry – handing it casually to a friend who needed a new phone.

Well, today I got a call from my friend, informing me that having switched from a corporate BES plan to a personal BIS plan, his phone was now receiving personal emails from my (supposedly defunct) BIS account which I had set up to forward to my BlackBerry – and had forgotten to switch off when I switched devices.

Just goes to show that you can never be too careful with your personal data – much as I would like to blame my cellular carrier, it really was my fault for not being aware of how BIS was spraying my personal emails into the ether. So if you are moving devices or carriers or even ISPs be careful and make sure you are not leaving behind a trail of personal emails for innocent passersby to stumble upon.

– Wasim

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