Bloombase ESKM Partner

Bloombase is a worldwide provider and leading innovator in next-generation data security, from physical and virtual data center, through Big Data, and to the Cloud. They provide turnkey, non-disruptive, defense-in-depth data protection against dynamic cyber threats while simplifying IT security infrastructure. Bloombase is the trusted standard for Global 2000 scale organizations that have zero tolerance policy for security breaches.

Together Bloombase StoreSafe and HPE ESKM provide non-disruptive encryption and lifecycle key management that enables customers to implement a trusted and comprehensive solution for data-at-rest security.

Bloombase StoreSafe

Bloombase StoreSafe delivers turnkey, agentless, non-disruptive, application-transparent data-at-rest encryption security to lock down on- and off-premise business sensitive information managed in complex heterogeneous storage infrastructures.

World Headquarters

1300 Island Drive
Redwood City, CA 94065
United States

Phone: +1.855.BLOOMBASE