HPE Security – Data Security and Thales

HPE Security – Data Security and Thales solutions combine to deliver a comprehensive end-to-end data protection approach that encompasses enterprise applications, point of sale and storage infrastructure. Together they help eliminate the traditional deployment and scale issues that have plagued data protection projects in the past. They ensure that organizations can achieve the performance and security required, easily demonstrate compliance and where possible minimize the scope of audits including PCI DSS. Tightly integrated with HPE SecurData┬ásolutions, Thales nShield hardware security modules (HSMs) enforce security policies and provide a high assurance, tamper-resistant environment for encryption and key management, securing not only sensitive data but the data protection system from compromise.


About Thales

Thales e-Security, Inc. is a global leader in trusted cryptographic solutions. Thales nShield HSMs provide a hardened, tamper-resistant environment for encryption and key management. nShield HSMs eliminate traditional deployment and scalability issues, enabling strict enforcement of security policies and separation of critical functions from administrative tasks.

“The HPE SecureData solution integrated with Thales HSMs just works, and in a matter of weeks rather than months, delivered the data protection and key management that Heartland needs to move the payments industry forward.”
Heartland Thales Testimonial

Steven Elefant


Heartland Payment Systems

Ensures Encryption and Key Management Root of Trust

Delivering a tangible and auditable method for enforcing the security policies that underpin this critical component of a data protection infrastructure.

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