Verifone Payment Devices support HPE SecureData Payments for point-to-point payment data protection

HPE SecureData Payments is a perfect complement to EMV with point-to-point encryption and tokenization solutions for retail payment transactions by removing data loss vulnerabilities, and significantly reducing PCI audit scope for businesses.

HPE SecureData Payments provides a complete payment transaction protection framework, built on two breakthrough technologies encompassing encryption and key management: HPE Format-Preserving Encryption (FPE) and HPE Identity-Based Encryption (IBE). Payment data is protected point-to-point, from swipe through to the payment processor. By protecting the data itself, HPE SecureData Payments eliminates security gaps that exist between networks, databases and applications when traditional security solutions are used. HPE SecureData Payments protects data at rest, in use, and in motion, securing sensitive data point-to-point.

Supported Verifone Devices

HPE SecureData Payments encryption can be activated on Verifone VX, MX, and E-Series devices to protect PCI data. Through a simple firmware upgrade, businesses can turn on encryption so that sensitive data remains fully protected and format-preserved in transit to a designated decryption point.


Verifone VX 850, 520, 820, 680, 690


Verifone MX 915

Mobile peripheral

Verifone E315, 335, 355


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