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HPE SecureData Open License Program

The HPE SecureData Open License Program has been designed to offer an easy and open way to implement and distribute end-to-end encryption on POS, ECR, mobile devices and eCommerce payment platforms without the restrictive and cost-prohibitive terms that are standard in the industry today.

The Open License Program offers zero-cost licensing and distribution options and provides the training and support necessary to implement end-to-end encryption in the most rapid time-to-market timeframes.

Benefits of the HPE SecureData Open License Program

The industry’s most open licensing model

Zero-cost licensing model for POS device manufacturers to distribute HPE SecureData-enabled payment devices. No royalties will be levied for implementation or distribution through POS devices.

The broadest applicability

HPE SecureData is device-agnostic and easily portable to any hardware or software platform, including PIN pads, integrated POS systems, electronic cash registers and “card-not-present” eCommerce environments.

Simplified training and support

Once your application is accepted, you will be invited to participate in a one-day training session which will provide you with the skills necessary to implement end-to-end encryption on your device or platform. Ongoing support is provided to you during your development cycle.

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For more information about HPE SecureData Payment partners or partnership opportunities, please send email to: PaymentPartners@voltage.com

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