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HPR_Blue_RGB_150_MDIt’s a brand new year and there’s no better time to reignite our focus and make 2015 the most successful and secure year for businesses to date. At Voltage Security®, we’re excited to be a certified Technology Partner with HP and the HP NonStop community, and a critical player in helping our customers ensure their sensitive data is more secure then ever before.

Over the course of the past year, in particular, cyber criminals have proved adept at thwarting existing IT defenses and exploiting weak links, especially targeting the payments ecosystem. Merchants, enterprises, e-commerce businesses and service providers face severe, ongoing challenges securing payment card data from the point of capture at the card reader or the browser through the transaction lifecycle. Businesses are also under pressure to achieve scope and cost-reduction goals in meeting compliance mandates such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), while applying resources to adopting EMV and new digital wallet technologies at the same time.

While data security is a critical concern for all consumer-facing businesses, retailers are a prime example of how an industry is taking proactive measures to combat data breaches by planning to make these technology investments within the next 12 months:
• 32% of retailers plan to adopt P2P encryption in 2015,
• 27% say they will adopt tokenization of the card transaction within a year, and
• 48% plan to adopt EMV in 2015

These three technologies combine together to effectively close security gaps in the payments ecosystem that have been so heavily exploited by attackers–and so damaging to businesses and consumers alike.

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At Voltage Security, one of our top priorities in 2015 is helping retailers and other consumer-transacting businesses, to neutralize data breaches. What’s needed to protect against adaptive, persistent cyber threats is a data-centric approach to protect data going up to the trusted host, and also, to remove live data in back-end systems. Point-to-point encryption (P2PE) from the instant the card data is read, also called end-to-end encryption, encrypts all the payment card data before it even gets to the POS, and has become part of the PCI recommendations, echoed by Visa. If the POS is breached, the data will be useless to the attacker. Tokenization can eliminate live data from post-authorization retail processes like warranty and returns yet enable the retail business to still operate as before – even at scale. Data-centric encryption and tokenization together form a very strong defense. With data-centric security, you put security with the data itself, like the credit card number, the track data, or even the EMV or personal data in loyalty systems.

Voltage Security offers data-centric solutions, including Voltage Format-Preserving Encryption™ (FPE™), and Voltage Secure Stateless Tokenization™ (SST™) for native tokenization on the HP NonStop OS. With EMV to make it much harder to counterfeit physical cards from stolen data, and with P2PE and Tokenization to protect the card data in the retail flow, merchants and enterprises can turn the tables on data breaches in a major way. With the significant reduction in the cost of PCI compliance, there’s a strong ROI to justify it–in addition to avoiding the cost and complications of fines, remediation, and brand damage.

The proven reliability and virtually unlimited scalability of HP NonStop, with Voltage data-centric security, will provide compelling business value for retailers and card-accepting enterprises that must secure sensitive customer credit card and personal data.

If Retailers follow through on their Store Systems investments plans, then our hope is that 2015 will truly be the year that retailers in the U.S. will close the security gap that’s currently vulnerable to malware data breaches (and insider attacks too). Discover how Voltage data-centric security running on the HP NonStop platform can help you neutralize data breaches – learn more at: www.voltage.com/breach

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