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Mercury Selects Voltage Security for Next-Generation Data Encryption Solution

Cupertino, CA – September 19, 2012 – Voltage Security®, the world leader in data-centric security and key management, today announced that it is working with Mercury®, a leading provider of payment processing and revenue generation solutions, to extend and accelerate Mercury’s data-centric security strategy. By integratingVoltage SecureData Payments into its payment processing solutions, Mercury will be able to simultaneously expand its data encryption solution while assisting its partners and merchants with PCI compliance.

The Voltage solution enables merchants to encrypt sensitive payment information at the time of capture and transmit that information, fully encrypted, to the processing hosts. By ensuring that data is useless even if it is compromised, the Voltage solution represents a major step forward in reducing the risks of a data breach. The data-centric security strategy Voltage Security brings to the table will also help Mercury’s own partners by minimizing the efforts needed to ensure PCI-DSS compliance and validation while enhancing payment security.

“We’re pleased to work with Mercury in implementing Voltage SecureData in an environment where their POS channel partners can reap the benefits of a truly data-centric security system without needing to change their existing processes,” said Matt Pauker, co-founder of Voltage Security. “We look forward to a long relationship with Mercury and helping secure payments processes for millions of customers nationwide.”

In addition to the clear technology advantages, Voltage SecureData Payments also offers significant business benefits. For example, one major challenge to enhancing security in payment processing is managing the dizzying variety of devices and form factors embedded into the process. While other encryption solutions are typically designed around particular devices, Voltage SecureData Payments is platform-agnostic and can be implemented with virtually any mobile or POS device. It is also environment-neutral, running in hardware, software and eCommerce settings. Together with Voltage Security’s innovative stateless key management, Voltage SecureData Payments offers a unique level ofcustomizability to merchants and software developers alike.

The end-to-end flexibility grants merchants the freedom to select the payment services that best meets their business needs. At the same time, Voltage SecureData is easy to implement, causes minimal disruption to operating processes, holds down maintenance costs and can be easily scaled to meet evolving priorities.

“At Mercury, we’re keenly focused on providing secure, seamless integration of our payment processing services to help POS partners maximize their systems’ functionality and drive results for their merchants,” said Brian Sadowski, CIO, Mercury. “Our integration with Voltage SecureData adds value to the process by helping us deliver security with simplicity in diverse POS environments.”

Mercury will make the Voltage functionality available to its 500-plus POS developer partners, who will be able to package and provide it to their direct clients.

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