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Voltage Security and Merchant Link Announce Point-to-Point Encryption, Decryption and Tokenization Services for Payment Protection

National Retailer’s Federation 100th Annual Convention and Expo, New York, NY — January 11, 2011. Voltage Security, a global leader in enterprise and payment card data protection inside and outside the cloud, and Merchant Link, a leading provider of payment gateway and data security solutions, today announced a partnership to provide point-to-point encryption, cloud-based decryption and tokenization to large merchants looking for a comprehensive security solution to protect cardholder data and reduce PCI scope.

The new hosted solution enables merchants to have their Voltage SecureData Payments solution with the decryption and tokenization services hosted within the high performance Merchant Link Payment Gateway.

“Voltage is taking a leadership role in providing data protection both inside and outside the cloud.  Now, for the protection of sensitive cardholder data used in payment transactions, merchants can turn to Merchant Link and Voltage for a safe and powerful solution to protect both data in-flight and data at rest,” said Mark Bower, vice president of product management for Voltage Security.

“With this new offering, we are moving the decryption point to the cloud, so the merchant no longer has to have decrypted data in their environment. Data is protected within our secure, PCI-validated redundant data centers. And because the decryption and tokenization is cloud-based, it is both affordable and easy to implement,” said Dan Lane, chief technology officer, Merchant Link.

The service provides the following merchant benefits:

  • A comprehensive solution to secure data in-flight and data at rest provided by two industry leaders.
  • Voltage Security’s point-to-point encryption technology, where cardholder data is encrypted immediately at point of capture and remains protected throughout the merchant’s environment.
  • Merchant Link’s TransactionVaultTM tokenization technology, decryption, and payment gateway connecting the POS to the merchant’s processor of choice.
  • The convenience and added protection offered by a cloud-based decryption and tokenization service.
  • Simplified key management; no need to inject keys into devices or manually rotate encryption keys.
  • Encryption support for the widest range of form factors in the industry, from payment peripherals, to counter-top terminals to multilane terminals.
  • Removal of cardholder data from merchant environment along with outsourced key management, allowing for a significant reduction of PCI scope.

Voltage Security will be exhibiting at Booth #1575 and Merchant Link at Booth #1960 at the National Retailer’s Federation (NRF) 100th Annual Convention and EXPO January 10-11, 2011 in New York City.

 About Merchant Link

Merchant Link is a leading provider of payment gateway and data security solutions, enabling more than 3 billion transactions annually for some of the world’s best-known merchants.  Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Silver Spring, Md., Merchant Link currently supports more than 150,000 restaurants, hotels, and retailers, providing connectivity to the major U.S. payment card processors.  TransactionVaultTM, our tokenization solution, and TransactionShieldTM, our point-to-point encryption solution, mitigate the risk of a data compromise while lowering the cost and effort of PCI compliance.  Further information is available at, and on Merchant Link’s SecurityCents blog, and NRF Big Show blog.

About Voltage Security

Voltage Security, Inc., an enterprise security company, is an encryption innovator and global leader in enterprise data protection for data residing both inside and outside the cloud. Voltage solutions provide cloud-scale encryption and simplified key management for protecting sensitive information wherever it is stored and processed, on-premise or in private and public clouds. Voltage solutions are in use at almost 1,000 enterprise customers, including some of the world’s leading brand-name companies in payments, banking, retail, insurance, energy, healthcare and government.

Voltage solutions reduce the risks associated with theft of sensitive and private information, support privacy guidelines including PCI DSS, HITECH, U.S. Data Breach Disclosure laws and European Data Privacy directives, and uniquely provide security of data coupled with unmatched usability which results in significantly lowered total cost of ownership.

Harnessing award-winning cryptography and key management, including Voltage Identity-Based Encryption (IBE) and a breakthrough innovation in data usability, Format-Preserving Encryption (FPE), Voltage solutions have changed how enterprises protect their most valuable asset, their customer data. Offerings include Voltage SecureMail, Voltage SecureData, Voltage SecureFile and Voltage Cloud Services which provides cloud scale encryption and key management for businesses, partners and their customers. The Company has been issued several patents based upon breakthrough research in mathematics and cryptographic systems. To learn more about Voltage customers please visit


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