Your Roadmap for Data Security and Privacy

If you’re interested in safely extracting value from your data to grow the business, you should see this, TechRadar™: Data Security and Privacy, Q4 2017, Forrester Research, Inc., October 4, 2017. You can read all about it in, “Top 10 Hot Data Security and Privacy Technologies”. Or if you have a Forrester subscription, download their report now!

Why pay attention? We know data volumes are exploding as multiple trends converge on businesses, like big data analytics for real-time decisions, gaining elasticity with cloud/hybrid IT, and clearing the high bar for data privacy set by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

These trends converge on a central point: digital businesses no longer have walls, and Forrester in its report says, “security and privacy pros must take a data-centric approach to make certain that security travels with the data itself–not only to protect it from cyber-criminals but also to ensure that privacy policies remain in effect.”

It can be confusing to navigate vendor offerings but this Forrester “Road map”, as it’s aptly named, offers a great guide to 20 of the key traditional and emerging data security and privacy technologies that business leaders can use to deliver a holistic strategy. 

Data Security and Privacy


Encryption is entering a golden age

A holistic strategy should enable extracting business value from data assets, while reducing data breach risk, and enabling privacy compliance. Voltage of Micro Focus is listed in seven technology categories in the Forrester report: Application-level encryption, Big Data encryption, Enterprise key management, Tokenization, Email encryption, File-level encryption and Archiving.

The guidance from Voltage is, don’t get lost in a marketplace; look for the roadmap to data-centric security and privacy protection, end-to-end. One place to start: follow that strong growth curve with big data encryption to a high value position for your business.

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