HPE SecureData Enterprise

Data-Centric Protection, End-to-End

Comprehensive Protection for Sensitive Data

Financial institutions, merchants, health care providers, and service providers share common concerns when it comes to data protection and privacy. With data in constant mo­tion and with rising threats to sensitive data from both inside and outside the business, companies need to be able to protect data end-to-end, from the moment of capture across the information lifecycle through testing and production. What’s more, the costs of passing audit and maintaining compliance are becoming more unpredictable–with increasing regula­tions, outsourcing and adoption of big data and cloud computing. There is a strong need to reduce audit scope wherever possible
to contain costs.

HPE SecureData Enterprise is the only comprehensive data protection framework that secures data as it is captured, processed, and stored across a variety of devices, operating systems, databases, and applications used by enterprises, merchants, and service providers.

Data Security for Production, Non-Production and Analytic Use Cases

HPE SecureData Enterprise includes market-leading HPE Format-Preserving Encryption and tokenization technologies, data masking and HPE Stateless Key Management. It brings a unique, proven data-centric approach to protection – where the access policy travels with the data itself – by permitting data encryption and tokenization without changes to data format or integrity, and eliminating the cost and complexity of issuing and managing certificates and symmetric keys.
It delivers:

  • Centralized, scalable and simple key management
  • Significantly lower implementation and management costs
  • Rapid, continuous compliance–reduces audit scope, supports best practices for key management and helps demonstrate compliance via built-in reporting and logging capabilities

“We rely on HPE SecureData data security solutions to continue to expand our encryption services to the organization so that security is not seen as a road block, but as a
business enabler.”

Director of Enterprise Information Security

Major Provider of Insurance

Banking and Travel Services

Key Features and Capabilities


Central policy management and control.

Encryption, tokenization, and key management policies are controlled centrally, enabling data privacy policy to be centrally defined, enforced, audited and managed for structured and unstructured data protection.


Stateless key management.

Dynamically derives keys on-the-fly after authorization, thus eliminating the need to store or manage keys and seamlessly integrates with existing identity management and authorization systems to provide policy based access to data.


Simple, high performance
native platform APIs covering enterprise and cloud platforms.

Enables native platform encryption for efficiency on a broad range of
application servers.


Easy to use web services API’s for distributed and cloud environments.

High performance Web services interfaces enabling encryption and tokenization for enterprise applications, middleware, cloud broker systems and cloud applications.


Support for diverse platforms for enterprise, Big Data, and cloud data security.

Enables the consistent and compatible structured and unstructured data protection across Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris, HPE-UX, HPE NonStop, Stratus VOS, IBM z/OS, AWS, Azure, popular cloud stacks,
Hadoop and Teradata.


Agnostic of databases.

Compatible with Hadoop, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, IDMS, Sybase, Microsoft SQL, Azure SQL and any traditional database.

How can you enable the business to be agile AND take a more proactive, programmatic approach to security at the same time? With the advanced threats that are pervasive today, it’s becoming increasingly dangerous for organizations to deploy new technologies and processes, and then reactively address the implications for data security in the ecosystem. You need a blueprint
to reverse this trend in
your organization.

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Reputation is Everything –
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Reputation takes years to build, moments to lose. Controlling borders and layering security isn’t enough to stay off the front page anymore. You need to dramatically change your security strategy. How?

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